jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

Universidad de Qatar respaldada por OACI en investigaciones de biocombustible

Otra universidad de  país petrolero que investiga  energías  renovables

La materia prima escogida es microalgas y cianobacterias 

Qatar biofuels project receives aviation industry backing
26 November 2012

Qatar University opened the doors to its aviation biofuels research to a special visitor in November.
A team of university researchers looking at ways to produce cost-effective and sustainable biofuels welcomed the president of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Roberto Gonzalez and gave him a tour of the facilities.
The university wants to produce biofuels in a way that does not rely on arable land and can be produced in Qatar’s harsh climate.
‘The ICAO welcomes this project. It shows that different solutions are being applied to different areas around the globe, focusing on sustainability by using resources natural to the surroundings,’ Gonzalez was quoted as saying. ‘What really stands out with the Qatar biofuels project is that it is state-backed. It is a good example in the Arab region, showing a commitment to sustainability and the environment.’
The university team is currently upgrading its 1,500 litre outdoor tanks to 25,000 litres due to progress made with cyanobacteria and microalgae feedstocks. If they continute to find success, a pilot plant would be the next stage of the project’s development.


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